2024 Shriner's Childrens Hospital - Galveston - Campaign

Illustrious Potentate Bryan and I invite you to Shining a Light on Our Patients in 2024 by supporting Shriners Children’s Hospital in Galveston, Texas, and its Tissue Bank to treat pediatric burn patients. Shriners Children’s Texas has one of a few remaining on-site hospital tissue banks in the United States. It makes grafts that are put on our patients, including skin grafts and amnion grafts. Grafts are an essential part of the treatment process for a patient with a burn injury. They serve the important purpose of replacing the patient’s own skin in an effort to prevent heat loss and fluid loss, as well as helping to prevent infection. The Shriners Children’s Texas Tissue Bank provides grafts for an average of 750 children per year in Texas alone.

Donate $40 and receive this beautiful scarf created by a pediatric burn patient. It was specially designed for Tangier Shrine Center in supporting Shriners Children’s Texas during 2024 to help provide burn care to Shriners’ pediatric burn patients. The image on the scarf was painted by a Shriners Children’s burn patient who was severely burned as a child and lost most of her fingers. She continues to receive expert care by Shriners Children’s.

$40 Donation to Support Shriners Children's Texas

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Retail Value: $15.00 (Tax Deductible Amount: $25.00; Shipping Charges are NOT Tax deductible )

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Retail Value: $15.00 (Tax Deductible Amount: $25.00; Shipping Charges are NOT Tax deductible )

Make a Donation Amount of Your Choice to Shriners Children's Texas

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