Hillbilly Club

Contact: Cheryl in the Tangier Office – 402-392-0404

A fun-lovin' bunch of hilltop cuzzins who enjoy food and hijinks while raisin' money for the Transportation Fund at Tangier Shrine.

Welcome, Cuz!

This is the place where us Hillbillies hang out. We are Hillbilly Clan 98. We are working' on building a page full of information about us. To be one, you gotta ask one. Start by callin' Cuzzin Cheryl in the Tangier Office. She can fix you up with a membership petition and give you all the necessary learnin'. Call her at 402-392-0404.

Tangier Shrine • 2823 S. 84 Street • Omaha, NE  68124
402-392-0404 • Fax: 402-392-2208

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